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Friday, June 14, 2013

Custom Order Hydrangea Cluster Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings.

My repeat client from New York contacted me if I could create Hydrangea Cluster bracelet,  earrings and necklaces for her.

The color on the hydrangea flowers have 3 tones blue color, blue baby, blue hydrangea and dark blue. For the leaves, I used 2  green tones, teal green and olive green.

The bracelet only have flowers and leaves, my client doesn't want to add any pearls or beads. Love the bracelet so much. It turned perfect and stunning. I may create hydrangea garden bracelet and list them on my online shop.

The Hydrangea cluster earrings are so cute, the cluster also have 3 tones blue color, the cluster measured 15mm, each cluster have 8 pcs tiny hydrangeas flowers. Flowers attached on silver filigree with silver lever back earwires.

The Hydrangea cluster necklace was originally on my listings, but it has 2 tones blue color. Since my client requested all colors on the jewelries need  to be matched so I re-make the Hydrangea cluster necklace in 3 tones as well.

I hope you guys enjoy the story behind it.

See you in the next posting.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yellow and Royal Blue Rose Necklace, Yellow and Royal Blue Wedding Theme Jewelry

A bride from Kansas contacted me if I could make custom color and size of the flowers for her two flower girls 8 yo and 6 yo.
She picked  2 Roses Asymmetrical style necklace for her flower girls, Her wedding color theme is Yellow and Royal blue. So, she wanted the small flower in yellow and the larger flower in Royal Blue
 The size of the Roses are 13mm and 20mm. The yellow bead is bright czech glass beads . The necklace turned so cute.  Congratulation Bride Amy!

Coral and Navy Blue Rose Jewelry , Coral and Navy Blue Wedding Theme

A bride from New Jersey contacted me through Etsy to order bridesmaids set jewelry ( Earrings , Bracelets and necklaces), her wedding colors theme are coral and Navy Blue. She said her wedding will be on July in Florida. She picked the Coral color for the flowers and Navy Blue for the pearls. She wanted the pearls would be in close to true Navy Marine color. It was not easy to find the pearls in true Navy Blue color..however Thanks Goodness finally I found the pearls.
Congratulation Bride Nicole!, Wishing you have wonderful wedding Day. Wishing lots of love and wishes on your wedding day.

Coral Dangle Rose Earrings

Coral Rose and Navy Blue Pearls  Necklaces
Coral Rose and Navy Blue Bracelets

Orange Dahlia Necklaces For Bridesmaids

I have finished orders of Orange Dahlia Necklaces. The Bride from Iowa contacted me if I could make 4 sets of Orange Dahlia Flowers on Asymmetrical Necklace Style. The Orange Dahlia linked on Ivory Glass Pearls. The Dahlia flower turned beautiful, I love Orange color.  Congratulation Bride Liz!, Wish ing happiness and joy on your wedding day.

Flower can be placed on the right or left side, it is flexible .

A Custom Order of Grey Rose Bracelets For Bridesmaids

Grey Wedding Theme Jewelry.
A Bride from Texas ordered 3 set of Grey Rose Bracelets and matching pearls Earrings for her bridesmaids. Her bridesmaids dress are Soft Purple / Mauve, she would like to match the Grey Color with Mauve. Grey  becomes one of popular color recently. Grey is good with any neutral color, yellow even hot pink.
Please find the picture of set of earrings and bracelets. Congratulation Bride Bene, wish you all the best and have a wonderful Wedding Day.

Another picture of the bracelets.

The Matching necklace can be purchased on my Etsy Shop