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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Succulent Bridesmaid Jewelry

Succulent Jewelry for your Bridesmaid.

Inspirations can come from anywhere, sometime we never realize they are just around us. I was watering my succulent collections in my balcony, and the thought to create succulent from clay just crossed my mind and make me more pay attention on my mini pot succulent called Echeveria that I purchased a week ago. I took it to my table and study the petal while googling the real picture of Echeveria. I grabbed some of my clay and start making..Voila..my fake Succulent Echeveria was just born!

I was thinking to make the entire Succulent's shape as in my mini pot, but then I changed my mind to a Succulent Bead for my necklace project. ..:)..How ever, I will create a mini Succulent in the pot later. The idea to make succulent necklace comes from the flower bouquet collections on my Pinterest board. Now days, florist mix the flower bouquet with succulent, they look beautiful, rustic yet elegant with other color of flower. 

So, You might be a Succulent lover as I do, or you would like to have unique and unusual flower necklace to add to your Jewelry collections, or for your bridesmaid jewelry, or for a unique gift for the loved one. It looks rustic yet elegant.

The Succulent's size is approximately 2" in diameter, linked into silver plated chain, hand wired 8mm Ivory/ cream glass pearl and finished with lobster clasp. This necklace is available on my Etsy shop, here is the link: